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2458910111214IMG 2121IMG 6684Valued for weekend living, this garden is designed for low input long term care. The architect designed house was built in a paddock with sensational views of undulating pastures, open skies and native vegetation. Goals in the design encompassed needs to integrate the house access points with each other while creating spacious paved areas for furniture; to provide shelter from prevailing winds without losing the views; and to accommodate ornamental & fruiting trees with large sweeps of lawns. 

Grass naturally thrives in this climate & maintaining it is relatively easy. Deciduous trees give contrast against the surrounding vegetation allowing winter light to flood the garden. In contrast to the native forest, garden foliage here is of low volatility, an important consideration in this high risk bushfire zone. Australian plants like Kangaroo Paw and Correas are integrated into the lower level plantings in homage to our flora and to attract native birds. Vast areas of robust ground covers inter planted with swathes of tough bulbs will keep maintenance to a minimum.